Brian McPartlan

Filmmaker and Photographer

Brian McPartlan is a spiritually motivated artist who sets out to open and uplift people's hearts and minds through video and photography.

In the realm of filmmaking, he is a director, videographer, editor, writer and activist. Through video, his goals are to expand consciousness, help teach healthy habits and lifestyles, expose unseen forces plaguing our societies, help protect the environment and the animals, support non-profits, be a voice for the voiceless, uplift people in need and shine a light in areas of darkness.

In the realm of photography, he seeks to inspire a desire in others to explore, to question, to feel something different. To realize what we have on this planet is precious, and is worth fighting to protect. To remind people there is so much more outside of the bubble we associate as our reality.

This life is filled with magic and wonder, inside and out. That is what I hope to portray.